Academic Collaborations

We collaborate with several prestigious Universities in the UK and continental Europe.

A selection of our academic collaborations is listed below, in alphabetical order.

We act as public engagement partner


In collaboration with Drs Emily Jones and Mark Johnson, BabyBrains is developing an “intelligent” version of the BabyBrains app that is able to adapt to the preferences, needs, and unique development of each child-parent pair. This work is funded by the ESRC and is presented in the video below. 


BabyBrains is contributing to develop global public engagement strategies as part of a MRC-funded Global Mental Health Project in India and the Gambia. 

In addition, we collaborate with Dr Sarah Lloyd Fox, using science to empower parents and perinatal professionals around the world. Our work with Dr Lloyd Fox is funded by her UKRI grant.

the Gambia Silvia Dalvit and child.jpeg
the Gambia Silvia Dalvit and Midwife Jan
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BabyBrains has collaborated with Dr Silvia Rigato at the Essex Babylab for several years. Our first longitudinal research project (It All Starts In the Womb) is drawing to an end and we are beginning to see mind-blowing data about perinatal wellbeing for mothers and how this is related to their children development. 

We are also enthusiastic members of the From the Womb to the World Multidisciplinary Group with the goal ok making science more accessible to parents. 

Dr Silvia Dalvit has been invited to offer lectures on Public Engagement as part of the MSc Psychology at the University of Essex, while Dr Silvia Rigato is a regular guest at BabyBrains. 

Rigato Dalvit It all starts in the womb.

BabyBrains is working with Drs Evelyne Mercure and Caspar Addyman to offer perinatal professionals BabyBrains training at Goldsmiths University. 

Mercure Dalvit Goldsmith .jpeg
Eloise covid wellbeing.jpg

In collaboration with three wonderful babylabs - Goldsmiths, Essex, and Oxford - we are investigating perinatal well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are expecting or have a baby younger than 12 months, you can participate (click here)  and get a chance to win a ticket to the BabyBrains online workshop starting on 13th May 2020 facilitated by our founder Dr Silvia Dalvit Menabe. Please note that the workshop will be recorded and used for training purposes.

Just click here and follow the instructions! Thank you for your help!

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BabyBrains is part of a large workgroup that brings together many universities from the whole of Europe

with the goal of studying the social development of the human infant in depth. BabyBrains is the

public engagement partner and offers internship placements to a number of students, as well as

education on how to use science to empower parents. This project is coordinated by Dr Tomalsky

and funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.