Become a Trainer


If you have a degree in Psychology, Education or if you have a true passion for making the BabyBrains® course accessible to as many families as possible, you can become a BabyBrains® Trainer.

This will give you the opportunity to create your own local BabyBrains® Business, offering courses to your community, working flexibly around the needs of your family. Most importantly, you will be part of the beautiful adventure of empowering parents around the world with science and L.O.V.E.. CPD accredited


The programme is made of two parts:

  1. Attending a BabyBrains® Parents Course facilitated by BabyBrains® founder Silvia Dalvit Menabe, PhD, or Cecilia Antolini Brenna, PhD,

  2. Attending 2 x 2-hours training workshops, in which you will learn how to communicate the content.

You will be asked to prepare in advance and you will have to pass a test if you wish to become an official BabyBrains® Trainer.

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