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“As a new parent and a Psychoanalytic Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist I have found the work of Il Parto Positivo and the BabyBrains® workshops really interesting and useful. Cecilia and Silvia have developed a great model for helping and educating parents, which integrates neuroscientific knowledge, with evidence based techniques and a real understanding of the emotional lives of mothers and babies in the perinatal period. Observation of the individual mother-baby dyad and a commitment to learn from experience seem to be at the heart of this model. I will be recommending BabyBrains® as well as Cecilia’s hypnobirthing consultations to friends and family!”

Fanny Lena, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust 

“As a scientist working on child brain and psychological development, I believe its important to communicate our latest findings to parents. BabyBrains® communicates these new concepts to parents in an accurate and accessible way, and will enrich their understanding of their own child’s developmental changes. ”

Mark Johnson, Head Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

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"What I find brilliant about this app is the simple way it shows parents to engage with their babies in activity appropriate to their stage of development and observe their behaviour. Spending mindful time and cultivating a deeper understanding about individual reactions is to me the key to create deeper connection with your child. It makes us new parents see the fun side of parenting and empower us to encourage our children on their journey to explore the world! Thank you Silvia and BabyBrains for the effort and love you have put into creating this tool and sharing the science behind humans brain development!"

Radoslava Horvath

Aug 25, 2017

Ana Hatherley

Aug 18, 2017

"In a world where parents are inundated with boundless information (most of which tends to contradict itself in one way or another!) it is refreshing to find such a clear, informative and practical app based on real scientific research. The app presents complex scientific information in a clear and interesting way, giving us parents a solid understanding of how our baby is developing. I believe having this understanding allows us to effectively and confidently respond to the needs of our children and to thereby develop a strong and secure connection with them.  The activities in the app are both enjoyable and totally doable, no matter how busy the day gets.  Each activity guarantees that you will have a moment of mindful quality time with your baby everyday.  I can't tell you how much I love that. Thank you BabyBrains team xx"

"I have always been impressed with Silvia's work at Babybrains and her ability to present complex scientific information in accessible and interesting ways. I think the app is going even further, making developmental science accessible to even more parents. I love the activities suggested in the app! I think parents will be surprised by all their new babies already understand and do! As a mother of 3, I wish the app was released when my children were little. I would have loved to use it to follow them in their discovery journey. As a developmental neuroscientist, I strongly recommend this app, which present the most recent discoveries of the field!"

Evelyne Mercure

Aug 16, 2017


July 24, 2017

"I am really grateful to Silvia for this oh-so useful app! I highly recommend it to all parents out there, and here's why: it is my firm belief that the key to a happy relationship with our little ones is connection. A connection which takes place among two unique human beings and is therefore different from all others. Connection means understanding the needs of our kids and effectively responding to them; it means they feels safe and we feel competent; the joy overcomes the difficulties of our unique journey together. But fostering this connection among the hectic routine of everyday life, surrounded by a thousand of contradicting and outdated parenting suggestions is not so simple. This is where the Babybrains app comes in! It gives us the perfect opportunity to spend some mindful one-on-one time: engaging in some lovely small activities with our little ones while observing them through the lens of scientific insights, provided in clear and simple words. Day by day, Babybrains' L.O.V.E. approach (Learn through Observation Validate through Experience) help us parents find our unique way to be connected with our unique children, starting from day one. A great ally for wanna-be-happy-families eveywhere!"

"As a dad of a 4 year old, I often find it difficult to keep up with a vast amount of material and reading available to parents regarding child development. What I really liked about the workshop delivered by Silvia from Babybrains was a clear set of guiding principles supported with strong proof points that were easy to remember and follow in the future!"


June 05, 2017